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Welcome to Universal Soul

Trust & Believe

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Sheryl Medium For Spirit - Connecting Souls

Psychic & Channelled Readings that bring empowerment, clarity and rejuvenation..

Face to Face, Email, FB Messenger, Skype or by Phone


Would you like to connect with a Passed Over Loved One?
Or do you need some clarity or guidance around a decision or a current situation.
Let me bridge the gap for you and empower you to find the answers.


'Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing' ~ Little Elf Judy 


Believing in something opens your eyes and also opens doors for you.
It is my intention to bring that belief to you, to help with your direction, to give you guidance from spirit where needed and to empower you in the choices you make.


Receiving a psychic medium reading not only gives you answers, it gives you choices.
It opens the door to your soul, it gives you insight to details you may not even be aware of. It empowers you to continue on your path with confidence and clarity.

Channelled messages from spirit can help whether you have questions around love, career, home life, your soul's purpose or your life's path.


Passed Over Loved Ones


In my readings I use a combination of mediumship and channelling. 
If desired, I hope to connect you with your Passed Loved One and bring through messages of proof of physical life and validation that there is more after our existence here on Earth.
There is no denying the love that comes through from a passed over loved one and their will to connect with you also.

A Passed Over Loved One reading can be via a Face to Face session, by Skype or by Phone. 


Life Purpose & Path


Do you feel lost, or have a feeling something is missing or a feeling something just isn't right?

These feelings can often point to a situation that we are not living our life purpose or for some reason we have wandered off our true path. 

In our session I can connect with your Guides to receive some direction for you, I can get information straight from Source to get you feeling back on track. This will help iron out any feelings of doubt or feelings of lack. This will also help you evolve and energise your soul. 


Reiki/Energy Healing
Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher



Universal Soul bringing you empowerment from spirit and messages from your Passed Over Loved Ones.


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