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Emailed Readings

Get your two questions answered by Sheryl - Medium For Spirit



An emailed psychic or channelled reading is just the same as having a reading in person.
A reading is done by tuning into your energy, I do this by using your name as this holds your vibrational energy.


I will answer two questions you have. All you need to do is add the Emailed Reading item to your cart and on check out there is space to add your questions.  
If you need more room for your two questions these can be emailed to me using your name and the payment reference number. 



Your two question reading will be sent to your email address within 72hrs on receipt of payment. 
A two question psychic/channelled reading will be 500+ words (250+ words per question) and be specific to what you're needing to know at this time.


Please note these are not computer generated readings, each reading is channelled for you individually and you will see this reflected in what you receive.


My readings are to bring you clarity, empowerment and to help you move forward on your path.

To bring you information about what you may need to know surrounding a situation or decision or how you can obtain what you want to achieve.
I can give you probabilities and possibilities of future events but be aware you are always in control of your own destiny, we are all here to learn lessons and to evolve. I and my guides are not here to tell you what you should do!

Every time you have a new thought, have a new belief, learn something new or look at something differently these all have a profound effect on future occurrences.
Free will is an absolute and not just your free will, everyone's free will plays a part in your future.

The future is fluid and always moving and changing. 


I am using the words psychic and channelled readings because as a Medium my readings encompass all of this. I work very closely with spirit and I find my readings are powerful and are with depth 


Please refer to frequently asked questions and the terms and conditions for any further information.
If you want to know more about the process or have any questions regarding a psychic/channelled reading from Spirit please feel free to email me by going to the contact page.



Two Question Emailed Reading