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How long will it take to get my reading?

You will receive your email reading within 72hrs of payment. 



How long will my answer be?

A two question reading will be 500+ words (250+ words per question) 

Your answer will not be 'plumped' up just to fill the word count, the guidance comes from spirit this is why the word count varies.



How do you connect with me to do my reading?

I connect in with your energy that surrounds your question. I also use your name, as this I feel  holds your vibration.




Do you give timings?

Timelines are difficult as there is no time in the spirit world. They do not understand the importance of time, especially if they have never lived an Earth life. However, I endeavour to give you a guide as I usually get some sort of feeling.



What format will I receive my reading in?

Your reading will be in PDF. If you would prefer any other format please let me know.



What if I have another question after my reading?

I'm happy to clarify anything in your reading for you. However, if you have another question it will be treated as a new reading.



What if I don't relate to something you've said?

I don't claim to be 100% accurate, no clairvoyant/medium is, so if you don't relate to something just let it go. It could also be something that may even come up in the future for you.



What sort of question is best?

Open ended questions are best, that way you will get more out of your reading.

Open ended questions create answers that come with insight, depth and can also help manifest what you really want.

So questions around, how, why, and where rather than will, when and should.



What's a good question?

Try to think deeper than the closed questions and think more about what's good for your soul or finding harmony and balance in your life rather than wanting to be told what to do!

When writing your question extra information isn’t always necessary, but please add anything you feel may clarify the situation.

If there is not enough room to write your questions in the space provided please send an email with your payment reference number. (readings@universalsoul.com.au)



Will you read for both me and my partner?

I don't read for anyone without their permission. I can read the energy around a situation, such as a relationship, but I won't read a particular person if it's not them submitting the question.



How do I pay if I don't have PayPal?

You can pay via credit card through PayPal or via bank transfer. Your reading can proceed with a copy of confirmation of payment. 

Payment via Bank Transfer

Westpac Bank

Acc Name: Sheryl Turner

BSB:032285 ACC:646361

Your name as reference




How do I prepare myself for a reading?

There is no preparation you particularly need to do other than be open to receiving. 

It's hard to read someone if they are closed or are asking for a reading as a test!

Also it's very important to ask yourself 'Do I really want to know the answer'

You won't be happy with your reading if you have preconceived ideas about what you want it to say!



I'm a bit nervous, what can I expect?

Remember I am genuinely trying to help you! I have no ulterior motives.

Everything that comes from spirit comes with love, if something comes through for you it's for a reason. Your reading will never be negative, in fact they want to uplift, motivate and empower you.